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Once you have registered and paid the $5.00 registration fee, you are welcome to download, print and distribute official Book Fairy Pantry Project materials. All of the creations - including a brochure, bumper sticker, book plate and bookmark - are designed to be printed in black & white. Please see descriptions of sizes and instructions below each thumbnail.

"There is someone

out there who needs you. Live your life so that

person can find you."
—Jan Phillips quoting Balinise dancer

how to start a book fairy pantry project in your area

Q. I would like the food pantry/bank in my area to consider becoming a Book Fairy Pantry Project,

where do I begin?
A. If you are reading this page you have begun. Welcome. You can download and print out this "Getting Started " page and get started.

Getting Started:

Talk to the people managing your food pantry/bank and tell them

of your excitement about this project and how the project works, and

take some copies of this page for the food pantry staff.

Here is how it works: 

The project operates completely on donations and volunteers, thus it will never lose its funding because there is no funding required. All books given out will be new and gently used books donated by your community at collection boxes set up in your local schools, nursery schools, day care homes and centers, churches, and the library. The jobs of making and putting up posters and setting up the collection boxes can be done by youth volunteers. 

The  jobs of collecting and delivering the books to the food pantry, sorting out and recycling any stained, ripped, written in, or otherwise injured books, cleaning books with baby wipes, and shelving books by category, (board books, picture books, beginning reader books, beginning chapter books, and chapter books) will be done by volunteers. Having a book fairy parent support volunteer to be present when parents are selecting books, to provide guidance and suggestions, if asked, greatly enhances the parent experience.

Each Book Fairy Pantry Project food pantry will be its own project and be run completely independently through cooperation between the food pantry staff and the book project coordinator and volunteers.

The Book Fairy Pantry Project coordinator is usually, but not always, the person who initiates bringing the BFPP to the food pantry and enrolls other volunteers to do all the volunteer jobs.

BFPP volunteer jobs:

  • Project volunteer coordinator and food pantry staff liaison.

  • PR volunteer to publicize your project, through Facebook, the local paper, church bulletins, school notices, and any other creative ways there are to get the word out.
  • Book donation boxes volunteer.
  • Book drive coordinator volunteer.
  • Book collection volunteers to pick up books from donation boxes and deliver them to the food pantry.
  • Volunteers to sort, clean, categorize, and shelve books. * See Book Fairy Book Standards for specific recommendations.
  • A volunteer to be present during pantry hours to assist parents in book selections if requested.
  • ​A volunteer to arrange with schools, day cares, nursery schools, churches, doctor's offices, and libraries to host and promote the book donation boxes.
  • The number of volunteers needed for a successful project will be determined by each food pantry and the coordinator. One volunteer may do many jobs or there may be one or more volunteers for each job.    

That's it. This is a project in process. We will take this idea and use our time and talents to make this happen. Not just for parents and children, but for our communities and our world. It  is my hope that as more and more projects get established that you will email us and let us know what is working well, what challenges you are encountering, and what ideas you would like to share with other pantries.

​"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
—Helen Keller

The only thing the Book Fairy Pantry Project asks is that you register your pantry by filling out the form below in order to be listed in our future directory. The registration fee is $5. 100% of the registration fee will be donated to Feed the Children

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

—Anne Frank

Either before or after filling out the registration form to the left, please click on the button above to pay the $5 registration fee. Please note: The button will take you to Paypal, but you do not need a Paypal account to pay the fee. 100% of the $5 registration fee will be donated to Feed the Children.®

Thank you so much!

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